Q: Favorites Menu Not Listed in Alphabetical Order

A: The shortcuts and folders in your Favorites Menu may not be in alphabetical order, if your rearrange them. Also, newly-added shortcuts or folders are often added at the bottom of the menu.

To solve this, try the following:
1.Restore the default sort order of the Favorites Menu
- In the Internet Explorer menu, click Favorites
- Select an entry, right-click and choose Sort by Name


sort favorites

2.If this doesn't help:
- Launch regedit editor by clicking Start>> Run and typing in 'regedit'.
- Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ MenuOrder \ Favorites
- Delete the (binary) value Order


sort favorites

- Close regedit.exe

Note that this is possible only if the Windows Desktop Update component is installed. For more information on the Windows Desktop Update, read here.