Lost bookmarks in Firefox

Lost bookmarks in Firefox is the real "headache" which many users suffer from at least once. What causes loosing bookmarks? There can be several main reasons for that:

  • - When suddenly the power goes out. As a result, to your horror you find out that have lost all bookmarks and haven’t done any backup.
  • - Sometimes, after you upgraded to the new version, and didn’t close Firefox properly, some of your settings and bookmarks could have lost.
  • - When your PC or Firefox does not respond for some reason. After you reload PC or restart Firefox, your bookmarks might be lost, either.

What can you do to secure yourself from losing bookmarks? How can you restore lost bookmarks? There are several ways you can get into:

  • I. You can restore lost bookmarks using the smart backup feature of Firefox which automatically makes a backup of your bookmarks daily. See below.
  • II. Alternatively, Firefox users can make self-made backups of bookmarks on a regular basis.
  • III. Or, download and install a Windows utility – Tidy Favorites – which automatically creates a centralized bookmarks database and is swiftly available when any trouble with bookmarks occurs.

1. Go to the folder located here:

%APPDATA%Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\your_default_profile_folder (for Windows Vista/XP/2000)
C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ your_default_profile_folder (for Windows 98/Me)


2. Open the "bookmarkbackups" folder.

restore lost bookmarks


3. The backup of all your lost bookmarks is saved in this folder automatically.

lost bookmarks folder


4. Now, start Firefox.

5. Go to Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks.

lost bookmarks


6. In the Bookmarks Manager, click Import.

import lost bookmarks


7. Select Import from File, and click Next.

import lost bookmarks from html


8. Choose the backup HTML file from which you want to restore your lost bookmarks.