Backup Favorites

Although all modern browsers today include bookmark managers, help to backup favorites and restore them, still most users prefer third-party tools to manage, import or export, backup and recover IE favorites.


If you've considered moving favorites from one browser or PC to another, or just making a backup to ensure yourself from losing your favorite websites, you should try Tidy Favorites.


What advantages does Tidy Favorites Backup have over other bookmark managers?


1. Risk-Free

  • You do not have to worry that the backup file you made could be lost, corrupted or deleted. Using Tidy Favorites, you backup favorites to the online storage. Be sure they won’t get anywhere!


2. Freedom of Choice

  • Backup favorites as often as you need it. If you use the PRO version, the backup favorites process can be hold automatically. In the freeware version, you can do it manually each time when you need it.


3. Flexibility

  • With Tidy Favorites backup you can use the backup to import or export your Favorites list from/to another web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Opera) later.


4. Advanced Sync

  • Tidy Favorites seamlessly integrates with your computer and keeps your favorites in sync between all your PCs.


5. Live Thumbnails

  • The program gives you a dashboard with live thumbnails where you can place, view and handle all your Internet Favorites in an efficient and convenient manner.