Chrome bookmarks

Here are some tips on how to manage Chrome bookmarks.


1. To edit the name or web address of a bookmark or folder, select the item you want to edit. Then click on Organize menu and select Edit.

Chrome bookmarks

2. You may also edit Chrome bookmarks and folders by Right Clicking an item and selecting Edit.


3. To add new folder, right click on the place / area you want the new folder to appear and select Add folder in the context menu.

 New Chrome bookmark
To delete a folder, perform the task and select Delete.

Delete Chrome bookmarks

4. To relocate a bookmark or folder, click on the item and drag and drop it to a new location.


Managing and organizing Chrome bookmarks seems easy and effortless if you follow these tips. Yet working with Chrome bookmarks can be even more convenient and faster if you use Tidy Favorites. It's a Free bookmark manager which not only fulfils the same elementary functions described above, but also carries additional features like:

  • - visual dashboard, i.e. presenting Chrome bookmarks as live thumbnails;
  • - synchronizing bookmarks between all major browsers;
  • - import and export bookmarks;
  • - and many other things...