How to Choose the Best Favorites Manager?

The increased popularity and necessity to use the Internet to browse, memorize and save a lot of information has made the traditional method of using a browsers' favorites menu ineffective. It simply cannot cope with the sheer volume of data and therefore the need has arisen to discover a highly functional favorites manager. This niche is cluttered with multiple programs that claim to be the best. Here are some helpful hints to assist in selecting the right program for you.


1. We suggest a thorough examination of the software authors web site. If the web site and the information describing the features and functionality are limited or not well defined, there is a high likelihood that the program was developed in the same fashion. A simple screen shot of the favorites manager interface with a few terse sentences are un-professional and demonstrate a lack of "attention to detail". It is quite possible that support will be inferior and it will create unneeded frustration. If you need operational assistance or resolution to a discovered bug it may or may not occur in a timely fashion, if at all.


2. Accurate identify your needs and requirements to assist in the correct selection of a bookmarks organizer. An example would be if you travel considerably and/or use different PC you certainly want to select a program that offers portability so you can take your favorites with you.


3. Ensure you select a favorites manager that complies with your system and browser requirements. This is extremely important if you want to ensure reliable operation of the program that contains so much of your valuable data.


4. Perform an investigation to determine the level of support is offered by the software author or software provider. Not only is it comforting to know if support is required it will be available, but it demonstrates the level of dedication to customers who use the program.


5. Spend some time on the Internet investigating how users of a program perceive its usefulness, reliability, features, functionality and support. Unless the program is brand new, you can always find some sort of feedback from users whether it be using a search engine or visiting a forum.


6. Be patient and use / test a freeware or shareware version of a program before you pay for a "Pro" version. Obviously, a "Pro" or "Premium" requires payment and it is always best to feel comfortable with the product before you pay for it.

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