What is the Ideal Favorites Organizer?

The Georgia Institute of Technology recently concluded research to determine what major issues were encountered by users who work with bookmarks/favorites. Here is what most respondents complained about:

  • - It was not possible to determine when the content of a web page had changed.
  • - Most favorites organizers require too much intervention and time to place the bookmarks where desired.
  • - It was extremely difficult to manage favorites as their numbers increased.
  • - It was difficult to remember why a bookmark was initially created.
  • - favorites lacked portability and the ability to operate across different browser platforms and PCs.
  • - Most favorites organizers did not have an attractive user friendly interface.

favorites organizer

According to user feedback the ideal favorites organization would resolve the previously mentioned complaints and issues:


  • - Have a simple, attractive and user-friendly dashboard.
  • - The favorites organizer would be portable and allows the user access from any browser or PC.
  • - Give user the freedom to organize their favorites any way they want. By groups, folders, tabs, etc.
  • - Provide a means of identifying when a web page contents changed, which is only possible if the bookmark is represented by a thumbnail image and cannot be achieved with the traditional method of text links.