Firefox Bookmarks

Bookmarks of any browser are a basic but very useful feature. Firefox bookmarks are managed with a simple yet powerful bookmark system. This is a quick guide on how to organize Firefox bookmarks.


1. Open/launch Firefox and click on Bookmarks in the Command bar. In the drop-down menu click Organize Bookmarks. Notice the list of icons at the top left hand side of the menu.

Organize Firefox Bookmarks

2. On the far left pane select Bookmarks and click on New Folder. A new folder will appear at the bottom along with a dialog window. Simply name the folder and add a description.

New Firefox Bookmark

3. In the right hand pane the Firefox bookmarks are displayed. Locate the bookmarks you want to be in the folder and drag and drop then into the new folder. If you want to relocate multiple bookmarks, hold down the "Ctrl" key and then highlight the bookmarks you want to be applied to the new folder. Drag and drop the selected Firefox bookmarks to the new folder and you are finished.

Firefox Bookmarks


This is the commonest approach to organize Firefox bookmarks. Another wide-spread way is to use one of bookmark managers - Tidy Favorites. It has several advantages over traditional Firefox Bookmark Menu:

  • - represents Firefox bookmarks as visual images letting you to find and manage them many times faster;
  • - allows to manage Firefox bookmarks with any file manager like Total Commander or Windows Explorer;
  • - creates a centralized bookmarks database and synchronizes them between IE, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome;
  • - TidyFavorites has a totally customizable dashboard, so that users could add/rename/delete tabs and folders, drag-n-drop/zoom/resize thumbnails;
  • - and many others