Opera bookmarks

There are several ways to create Opera bookmarks that is very similar to Internet Explorer.


1. Go to the bookmarks menu and click on Bookmarks Page. (Ctrl+D) This action saves a link to the current page in the folder of your choice.

Opera bookmarks

2. Another method is to drag and drop the current web page to the Personal Bar. To enable this feature, go to View>>Toolbars and check Personal Bar.

Opera personal bar

3. The final method is to open Manage Bookmarks menu and then select New Bookmark. Enter the information and click OK.

New Opera Bookmark

Managing Opera Bookmarks is very similar to Firefox:


1. Similar to Firefox Opera has an option to sort bookmarks by name, nickname, description, created date, etc.

Sort order in Opera Bookmarks

2. To reassign Opera bookmarks or folders, simply drag and drop to their new location.


3. To edit a bookmark or folder, select Properties>>Edit. You can add a name, nickname and a description to a bookmark for easier access.

Edit Opera Bookmarks

To add a new folder, click on the Plus icon and select New Folder. Type in the name and you are finished.

New Folder in Opera


The Menu File provides various options to save, export and import your Opera bookmarks.

export and import your Opera bookmarks


In conclusion, to create, manage, export and import Opera bookmarks, you can follow any of the instructions mentioned above. Or, take use of Tidy Favorites - a user-friendly bookmark manager which replaces traditional text links into visual thumbnails, works with all major browsers, lets organize bookmarks with any file manager, and many other things.