Step by Step Procedure on how to organize favorites when using Internet Explorer

The ability to store your favorite web pages in a browser is called bookmarking. A bookmarked web page has its URL added to a list of favorites that permit the user to return and access the web page without having to memorize the URL. An Internet Explorer user can create as many favorites as he/she wishes. As the quantity of bookmarks increase it becomes necessary to manage them to establish reasonable access to the favorites. One possible way to manage these bookmarks is by using Internet Explorer favorites.
Organize Explorer Favorites

Typical method to use Internet Explorer:

  • A.) Launch/Open Internet Explorer and go to one of your favorite web sites.
  • B.) Go to Favorites in the browser by accessing the Command Bar.
  • C.) Click on Add to Favorites. The web page you are currently visiting will be bookmarked. Repeating this process at each of your favorite web sites will create a Bookmarks List.
  • D.) To organize this list of bookmarks to make them easier to locate, go to Favorites and click on Organize Favorites. This step allows you to create categories to organize your bookmarks.
  • E.) To create a folder with a distinct name for categorizing web sites, click New Folder and assign a name to it.
  • F.) You may now place your bookmarks into the appropriate folder for categorization by selecting the folder in the drop down menu and clicking on Add button.
  • G.) To manage IE favorites, you can move, rename or delete categories and add dividers between then. To move a bookmark, drag the bookmark to a different folder. To delete a bookmark, drag it to the trash.

This method is the most common way to manage Internet Explorer favorites; however this is not the optimal way. For this reason bookmark managers exist to better organize and to add additional features that do not exist in the IE Favorites menu.

For this reason we have developed Tidy Favorites