Improved Ways to Better Organize Bookmarks

Organizing bookmarks can be extremely difficult and time consuming, especially if you have a large quantity of bookmarks. As the number of bookmarks continues to grow the problem becomes increasing difficult and it becomes even more difficult to locate a specific bookmark. Of course, the next step is to adopt a smarter way to organize your bookmarks.


Available Options:

1. One of the most popular and simplest methods is to apply your bookmarks to your browser's Favorites/Bookmarks menu. As a general rule, this method allows user to save bookmarks, organize them by categories and folders and provide drag-n-drop capabilities for implementation. This method is adequate for users who are not active on the Internet, have a lot of bookmarks and always use the same browser and PC.


2. Online services are another option available. These services store all bookmarks on a web page that are available to the user by actively going to service web site and then conducting all Internet activities from the online service web site. This does allow a user to access all bookmarks from any PC, use any browser, categorize and organize bookmarks, share bookmarks with other users and even view other’s bookmarks. This method sounds very attractive and possibly ideal, however, there is a serious draw back. This method makes your bookmarks public, so anyone can view them. This lack of privacy prohibits saving any bookmarks you do not want other users to see.


3. A bookmark organizer, such as Tidy Favorites, provides the greatest flexibility, privacy and allows customization. Typically bookmark organizers are available from freeware and shareware software providers and are installed on your personal PC. The superior method to organizing your bookmarks is produced when using a bookmarks organizer like Tidy Favorites. Organize bookmarks


These three methods are available for users to choose based upon their needs and requirements.