Synchronize Bookmarks

Having the same list of bookmarks in any browser is fulfilled by the process called synchronization. Tidy Favorites makes it possible to synchronize bookmarks between all major browsers: IE, Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.


If you work with the Free version, you can synchronize your bookmarks manually only, by clicking the corresponded button.


In the PRO version, you just have to Enable Automatic Synchronization. The program tracks the changes and fulfills bookmarks synchronization automatically. You don't have to do anything!

To start synchronizing bookmarks, left-click the mouse on the Settings menu and wait until a context menu appears. Click Synchronize bookmarks.

synchronize bookmarks

Now, Synchronize Bookmarks Wizard appears. Here check the browsers from which you want to load your bookmarks or save them to.


synchronize bookmarks wizard

TidyFavorites offers users two modes to synchronize bookmarks: manual and automatic. To run one of them, just click on the appropriate button.


automatic synchronization

Keep in mind that if Automatic Synchronization function is On, all the changes which you make with bookmarks instantly appear in TidyFavorites database and are shown in the browsers of your choice.
Or, you can synchronize bookmarks in a Manual Mode each time when you need it.

manual synchronization

TidyFavorites PRO Synchronize Bookmarks benefits:

a.) User enjoys the luxury of having all favorites available regardless of which browser is used because the Synchronize Bookmarks process has been performed.

b.) User can add new favorites/bookmarks to the TidyFavorites PRO page and then perform the Synchronize Bookmarks function to re-establish consistent and identical favorites in all browsers and tidyFavorites centralized bookmarks database automatically.

c.) User enjoys the security of knowing that the favorites database is located in multiple locations, so a backup of the bookmarks database is swiftly available should something catastrophic occur to the favorites contained within any browser or TidyFavorites PRO. Although corrupted, deleted or somehow unusable databases rarely occur a user can rely upon the Synchronize Bookmarks feature to restore all bookmarks/favorites in a matter of minutes.

This Synchronize Bookmarks functionality combined with the overwhelming evidence of favorites restoration security is just another great reason to upgrade to TidyFavorites PRO.