Welcome to the Tidy Favorites introduction. This guide has been developed to overview of Tidy Favorites. ( Pro Version was used in this introduction.)


Tidy Favorites was developed to simplify the generation and management of PC browser bookmarks. Its intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) has been designed to minimize the management task and maximize the PC users experience with Internet navigation to web sites that are often visited. Tidy Favorites is simply a browser bookmark management tool that is so easy to use bookmarks may be added or deleted with such ease the user can spend more time enjoying the educational and entertainment values of the Internet versus spending time managing the bookmarks themselves. Whether the bookmark quantity is small or extremely large the degree of "bookmark management" only varies slightly.

The image below depicts a screen shot of a user with a large bookmark configuration. Over 300 bookmarks on 16 tabs. We have provided this image to demonstrate that even though Tidy Favorites is very easy to use, it is also a powerful bookmark manager.



Tidy Favorites offers features and functionality that provide advantages that surpass traditional bookmark management and some recent other programs techniques for managing bookmarks. The powerful and user friendly design makes it perfect for the novice and power user.

1.) Bookmark Integration – Existing browser bookmarks may be transitioned to the Tidy Favorites page by simply using "Drag and Drop" or site visitation followed by a single click "Add" button. In a very short time all of your existing bookmarks can be fully integrated into Tidy Favorites without having to re-visit each site by dragging and then dropping existing browser bookmarks onto the Tidy Favorites page. This eliminates the need to manually enter bookmarks with multiple mouse clicks and character entry names. Combine this with the fact that any new bookmarks are added with a single click to the "Add" button and then dragged from the sidebar to the Tidy Favorites page means that your bookmark configuration will be accurate, up to date and easily accessible in a very short time.

The first image below depicts an example of "Drag & Drop" using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. The second image and sequence of images after depict adding a bookmark by using the "+" (Add Bookmark) toolbar button using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.










2.) Visual Identification – Bookmarks on the Tidy Favorites page are quickly identified by immediate visual recognition of what the actual web page looks like versus reading a text representation of a web site. The human mind is much quicker to recognize the thumbnail/bookmark in this fashion.

To further assist in quick recognition the thumbnail created on the Tidy Favorites page can be customized by using the "Cut Tool" (Zoom Feature) that permits the user to focus in on a particular part of a web page that will further decrease the amount of time required to identify a bookmark. Common practice is to zoom in on a web site’s logo or text by clicking on the "cut tool" icon. Use the "+" to zoom in, "-" to zoom out or scroll the mouse back and forth until the desired size is achieved.




3.) Quick Accessibility – Bookmarks are quickly accessed by selecting the appropriate "Tab" located at the bottom of the Tidy Favorites page. User Tab(s) "naming and categorization" can make a bookmark just two clicks away from site visitation. Even sophisticated configurations containing "Folders", as demonstrated in the Features and Functionality Video Demonstration on the website main page, within a Tab(s) are no more than three clicks away. Folders added to a Tab(s) can increase the quantity of bookmarks tremendously giving the user a customized library of bookmarks.

Examples of using Folders are provided in the two images below. The first image displays a tab with the Folder "Closed" and the second image displays a Folder "Open".



Why would I add a folder to Tidy Favorites ?
One Example Reason - Adding folders to Tidy Favorites pages will significantly increase the number of thumbnails in your configuration. There is a finite amount of space available on your PC display depending upon its size. The size of your display regulates the size of the Tidy Favorites page. If you add a single folder to a Tidy Favorites page you have essentially added another page to your thumbnail/bookmarks configuration.

Example, if you originally have 10 thumbnails on a Tidy Favorites page and then replace each thumbnail with a folder that contains another 10 thumbnails you have just created a configuration of 100 thumbnails in the amount of space that used to occupy 10 thumbnails. "Naming each folder" allows you to properly organize your bookmarks

Another Example Reason - You have a Tidy Favorites page dedicated to your favorite restaurants. By adding "Folders" to the page you can organize all of your favorite restaurants by the type of food they serve. Depending upon how you feel that day you can select a restaurant from whichever category you desire. The thumbnails located in the folders can contain the restaurants web site, telephone directory/telephone number, a Google map for driving directions to email to a friend. The use of folders is almost limitless !


4.) Thumbnail Sizing and Positioning – Thumbnails can be sized large or small depending upon how many thumbnails the user wants to place on a tab page. Thumbnails larger in size will reduce the quantity of bookmarks permitted and smaller thumbnails will permit a larger quantity to be added to the tabbed page. Users with visual impairments will enjoy the ability to create a large thumbnail that is very easy to see when compared to the traditional text representation of a bookmark and users without impairments will enjoy the ability to create a very large number of thumbnails per tab page. Tidy Favorites has been designed to accommodate a larger more diverse user audience than any other program of its kind!

The image below depicts how the thumbnails can be sized by the user.



5.) Search Panel – In the Freeware version the Search Panel comes with three search buttons: Google Search, Google Images Search and Wiki Search. The Pro version permits the user to configure additional Search Buttons.

Freeware Version / Three Search Buttons


Pro Version Before Addition


Pro Version Configuring Yahoo Search Button


Pro Version After Addition of Yahoo Search Button


We hope this introduction to Tidy Favorites has been useful. If you have questions or seek additional guidance after reviewing the web pages suggested at the beginning of this guide, please feel free to seek assistance by using the links below.