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About Tidy Favorites: Internet users spend a lot of time surfing the web, going from one site to the next, searching for information and bookmarking favorite web pages. The thing is: the more links you have saved, the more difficult it becomes to find them again. Tidy Favorites solves this issue by using an intuitive visual dashboard, delivering an innovative way to work with bookmarks making them accessible and manageable in just a few clicks.

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Easily Synchronize Bookmarks Between Web Browsers (25 May 2009)


Visual Bookmarks Make Internet Surfing Easier and Faster (16 January 2009)

What People Say?

April 2009, PC Praxis

"Dank Tidy Favorites Pro bekommen Sie eine übersichtliche Vorschau Ihrer Lesezeichen angezeigt."

Lesezeichen komfortabel verwalten


Juan Diego Polo, April 2009, Wwwhat’s New

"TidyFavorites es una nueva aplicación que podremos usar para guardar y organizar nuestros sites favoritos de una forma eficaz y elegante."

tidyfavorites - Excelente forma de organizar tus sitios web favoritos


February 2009, StayUpdate

"TidyFavorites makes you able to never feel worry about missing your golden links."

How manage FireFox bookmarks with Total Commander (or Windows Explorer)


Oscar Rampasello, February 2009, Computer Idea Italy

"Tidy Favorites è un software che risolve in modo semplice e accattivante questo problema: crea una vista grafica dei Preferiti, che permette di trovare il sito che ci interessa a colpo d'occhio." Colpo d'occhio Una simpatica e comoda visualizzazione grafica per i vostri link preferiti."


PC Utilities, issue 109

"Tidy Favorites is your key to locating websites that you visit regularly or want to return to without having to remember and type the address"

Tidy Favorites


Aseem Kishore, January 2009, Online Tech Tips

"... the best feature of the program has to be the fact that you can zoom into a particular section of a web page and create a thumbnail of it that will automatically be updated on a regular basis ... Overall, it’s a great bookmarks manager that looks really nice and works really well."

Free favorites and bookmarks manager - Tidy Favorites


Marcus O. Mielke, December 2008, MOM WORX

"Es lässt einem die Favoriten so ordnen wie man es möchte und mit einem Bild der jeweiligen Seite, kann man schnell erkennen, was man sich dort eigentlich als Favorit in der letzten oder vorletzten Woche gespeichert hat."

Tidy Favorites. Individuelle Favoritenverwaltung mit Stil.


Preston Gralla, December 2008, PC World

"One of the program's nicer touches is that the thumbnails refresh themselves, so that you can see not just a static thumbnail, but one that displays the current information on the page."

Spiff Up Your Bookmarks With Tidy Favorites


Sarah Perez, November 2008, ReadWriteWeb

"Tidy Favorites delivers an innovative new way to work with your bookmarks using an intuitive visual search engine and dashboard."

Visualize Your Bookmarks With Tidy Favorites


Samer, November 2008, FreewareGenius

"If you are looking for a better way to manage favorites than the default bookmarking process that Internet Explorer and Firefox provide, check out Tidy Favorites. This program combines four concepts that make it much easier and more practical to work with your saved URLs."

Tidy Favorites: thumbnail-based bookmark management


RogerH, November 2008, KillerStartups

"Tidy Favorites is a news service that aims to let you store and access your collection of bookmarks in a new light." - Tidy Up Your Favorites


Adam Pash, November 2008, LifeHacker

"We've seen several Firefox extensions covering similar ground before … but Tidy favorites adds a few more ideas to the thumbnail start page."

Tidy Favorites Is a Customizable Thumbnail Homepage


Ernesto Bañuelos, December 2008, Bitelia

"Un programa para Windows que puede ayudarte a tener tus marcadores de forma portable y al mismo tiempo accesibles en tu computadora de una forma original es el programa que analizamos hoy desde los laboratorios de Hipertextual: Tidy Favorites, el cual clama ser un nuevo gran avance en la administración de tus marcadores."

Hipertextual Labs: Tidy Favorites, una forma diferente de manejar tus marcadores